Fast, Secure, Always On

EGOSS is the premier "cloud computing" solution for FFL Log Books, giving you fast, secure, always-on access to your ATF mandated acquisition and disposition records.


Computerized record keeping is always faster than keeping hand-written records. But EGOSS doesn't stop there. With firearms industry specialists as part of the software development team, we've built a system from the ground up that specifically meets the needs of firearms dealers. From entering a new acquisition record, to quickly disposing an on-hand firearm by serial number, EGOSS knows the process and does its job quickly and efficiently.

With EGOSS, you can instantly generate and print reports, including firearms on-hand, disposed firearms, or any customized lists you need. No more flipping through paper log books to find which items you still have on hand or who bought a particular item.


Paper log books can be lost or damaged. EGOSS users can backup, save and print their log books as often as they want, on as many different computers as they want. And the industry-standard EGOSS servers are automatically backed up to redundancy servers.

And your online FFL log books are completely private — EGOSS password security practices keep your data for your eyes only.

Always On

If you need access to standard paper log books, you need to go where the books are, which is usually a business location during business hours. EGOSS is always available to licensed account holders from any internet connected computer in any location.

Need to know right now how many rifles you sold last month? Want to comply with an ATF request immediately? With EGOSS, your books are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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