Save You Time And Money

EGOSS is the premier "cloud computing" solution for FFL Log Books, giving you fast, secure, always-on access to your ATF mandated acquisition and disposition records.

Save You Time

EGOSS allows you to maintain your acquisition and disposition records in less than half the time it takes to keep hand-written log books. That's an instant savings in payroll and frees up more time for sales.

Give You Control

Generate, print and save lists of all of your firearms on-hand, transferred firearms, custom reports, or search for a specific serial number, name, manufacturer — if it’s on your books, you can find it instantly!

Help You Avoid Mistakes

And because EGOSS virtually eliminates common log book entry errors, you'll avoid the headache of moving records to new pages.

Familiar Interface

EGOSS is the only computerized system to feature a true log book interface. Flip through your books just like a paper bound book, and even print or download in the familiar bound-book format.

ATF Compliant

The ATF has determined that acquisition and disposition records in computerized form satisfy the standard of permanency and are substantially equivalent to paper records if the system meets certain criteria. The EGOSS Online FFL Bound Book system meets or exceeds ATF criteria!

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Your Online FFL Log Books

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